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dominion- over your fellow man
is false. is false. is false.
what gives you the right to live above the law?
your time is drawing to an end- your reign will fall like frightened sheep
your house will weep- tears of fucking blood
if mud is all we are- what gives you the right to control- our lives
take it to the streets
ninety nine percent of the worlds feet pounding concrete
can you feel the beat? (can you feel the beat)
that's the sound of victory- this land belongs to you and me
its time- its time-we

kill the king
liberate yourselves- from the yoke of tyranny
kill the king
take up arms with us- until royal blood- flows forth like a fucking sea
to save our family trees from the drought
we're gonna show the king what fucking freedom's all about.

patriotic peasants- blue collars painted red
high time the hierarchy- was placed upon its head
all your beasts of burden- have broken down their pens
they'd rather go down fighting- than be locked up again

this is the day- the sheep kill the shepherd
cause and effect- of things not getting better
will you be there- when it all turns back around
i was there the day- we burned the farmhouse down
paying attention means reading every letter
we can't complain about rain when we made the weather
theres- no need to hide our faces now
i was there the day- we burned the farmhouse down

kill the king
and now the bloods on my hands
and running down both sides of the street
kill the king
i guess your castle's only made of sand
the stones turned to dust- underneath our feet
and we're gonna turn it under and plant new seeds
exterminate this tyranny
cause and effect and effect it travels on
over and over again until we're gone

and then we tear the fucking statues down.


from Western Shock, released July 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Versa Nova Houston, Texas

We come from the land of the crack rock.

Twin chemical smoke stacks are the backdrop

We go to war, spit blood on the blacktop

We're kings of the kingdom of shit, and home is where the beat drops.
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